Ascot Dress and Bolero Jacket

Berryhill Heirlooms
Every doll owner wishes their 18 inch doll could be in this unique dress and jacket reminiscent of "My Fair Lady". The kit is offered in black and white (pictured) or red and white. The bodice-lined dress is piped at neckline, sleeves and hem with packaged piping. The dress front and back yoke bodice seams are embellished over entredeux with two rows of Armenian Edging Stitch (second is beaded). Unusual oval ties are piped. Three small buttons close the back of the dress. The lined Bolero jacket is curved to show off the dress and ties. It's edged completely in the Beaded Armenian Edging Stitch over inserted entredeux. Students will learn to insert piping and prepare and insert entredeux, plus a neat trick for matching stripes when laying out the pattern. The Beaded Armenian Edging Stitch will be taught in class in this six-hour class. The final steps of the doll outfit will be completed at home using the illustrated instructions.