Button Fun

Berryhill Heirlooms
Making clothes & other items is wonderful but why not take it to the next level by changing the way buttons are put onto a garment or the type of buttons used? These little changes add interest, individuality & couture interest to an otherwise basic garment, or other item, that lets your talents shine! This sample class will cover 5 different button ideas: stacked; 4-hole embroidered; covered button with centered embroidery; layered & beaded covered button; & one simple Dorset button. Stitches covered: bullion, lazy daisy, running & french knot. This class is full of ideas, examples, history, hints and button facts. Enjoy this easy offering, and guess what? No UFO to take home! This SAGA-approved 3-hour class is great for all levels who have a knowledge of very basic embroidery stitches.