Crazy Quilting Fan Block Class

Berryhill Heirlooms
Learn the basics of Crazy Quilting and the most popular embroidery stitches with this Fan Block Class. Fan designs were very popular in historical Crazy Quilts during the Victorian era, and this pillow design is a wonderful adaptation.

Students will receive enough fabrics, embroidery threads, needles, beads, lace and buttons to complete one Crazy Quilted Fan Block Pillow. The photos do not represent the current available choices of fabrics but are a suggestion of possible combinations. The pre-sewn fan will be appliqued to the foundation fabric in class and then embellished with seven different stitches and some glass beads in various combinations. The pattern and fully illustrated instructions will enable each student to complete the pillow cover at home with the pillow form supplied by the student.

This is an all hand 3-hour class suitable for all levels of stitchers who have machine experience and experience with hand embroidery.