Elegance Christening Ensemble

Berryhill Heirlooms
The Elegance Christening Ensemble consists of an Overdress with scalloped matched Swiss embroidered edging stitched together with silk ribbon and rose bullions down the front. The edging curves out and around the long, full skirt with Swiss beading and silk ribbon. Tiny puffed sleeves are finished with Swiss beading, delicate lace and silk ribbon. The neckline is trimmed with entredeux and gathered lace. The Underdress is sleeveless, embroidered at the neckline and heavily embroidered at the hemline, peaking out from under the curved Overdress. Both have double pleats at the side seams for extra fullness and button in back with a placket. Hand embroidery stitches include granito, single featherstitch, lazy daisy, shadow work, tiny eyelets, two types of bullion roses, stem or outline. Laces are gathered and whipped by hand. Fine machine stitching techniques covered are tiny, consistent French seams, entredeux to fabric, beading to fabric disguising the seam, bias bands to sleeves, inserting a placket. The kit also includes a bonnet pattern. This two-day class will cover mostly machine work on the first day and hand work on the second day. This is a truly gorgeous, delicate and understated Christening Ensemble!