Embellished Edgings

Berryhill Heirlooms
This Notebook Sample Class will introduce you to four under-utilized, unique embroidery stitches that will add pizazz and interest to many different items. All of these edging stitches can be used around collars, down button plackets, along a tuck or pleat edge, etc. They can be used as edgings or not, but either way, they are fun, different and definitely distinctive! The stitches that will be covered in class are the Scalloped Buttonhole Chain Stitch, Beaded Hedebo Edge, Beaded Antwerp Stitch and the Armenian Edging Stitch. Each stitch will be demonstrated and learned in class on sample fabrics, then put into a folder notebook and labeled for future reference. From beginner to advanced, this is a very useful class to add to your collection of available embellishment stitches. This is a SAGA-approved 3-hour class.