Berryhill Heirlooms
Did you ever wonder if there are different, new ways to use that age-old featherstitch? There are! In this class you will learn learn and play with vertical, horizontal, diagonal, lattice and beaded featherstitch all on a pre-pleated doodle cloth. Imagine the possibilities and explore different techniques and ways to use these variations that will also include: pleat stitch position, needle techniques, diagonal reverse featherstitch, proper knotting off, overlapping featherstitch, stitch tension and more. You will work with a range of threads and beads to create different looks with these unique featherstitch variations. The fully illustrated handout also includes one smocking design suitable for Wee Care smocked gowns, and another design for larger items, that you will learn in class. Susie will demonstrate the ins-and-outs in this hands-on, comprehensive study of a beautiful antique stitch so you will feel confident to change an existing smocking design or design your own! This class has been submitted for SAGA approval.