Lavender Sachet

Berryhill Heirlooms
This class is an introduction to the art of Faggoting in an easy, fun project making a Lavender Sachet. Faggoting (or Bridging Stitch) is a way to stitch two finished edges together in a decorative, open stitch. Faggoting stitches covered in class are: Basic Insertion, Twisted Insertion and Buttonhole Insertion. The faggoting will be accomplished between batiste, lace and ribbon attached to the pattern. The sachet is decorated with a sprig of lavender using: Stem or Outline, Straight and Bullion stitches, all covered in class. Students will complete the sachet construction and lavender bag by machine at home. The kit includes white DMC tatting 80wt thread, two needles, two pieces of white batiste, one piece of silk organdy, small bag of dried lavender, one piece each of lace insertion and lace edging, two pieces of double-sided Swiss polyester satin ribbon, pieces of six different colors of cotton floss, worksheet and illustrated instructions. Lighting and magnification are strongly encouraged, fineline (0.5mm or finer) mechanical pencil, glass headed fine pins are also needed for the class. This is a 3-hour SAGA approved class that's fun, different and quick!