The Notions Necessaire Class

Berryhill Heirlooms
The Notions Necessaire is a unique "purse" that opens by untying the satin cords and lays flat revealing all of the cases on the inside: spool keeper, scissor case, pincushion, emery, needle book, double pocket and long pockets. This case is machine sewn with only a bit of hand stitching. The purse is stabilized with acid-free mat board to keep it's unique shape. Choose your own coordinating, fun quilting fabrics, satin cord and buttons to create a very unusual sewing notion carrier that your friends will admire and you will love!! Students will decide placement of their fabrics, cut out all pieces, and construct the pincushion, emery and spool keeper in class. Students will also learn the ribbed spider web stitch. At home, students can use their own embroidery machine to decorate the front with a design of choice to personalize the Notions Necessaire prior to assembling. This is a six-hour machine class and is SAGA-approved.