Round It Up!

Berryhill Heirlooms
Tired of the same old way of finishing the ends of lace insertion? Then round it up! Take a blouse or shirt and jazz it up with some lace insertion while learning a new technique to to finish the lace ends: rounded! This unusual and original technique is fun, relatively easy and adds a unique touch to finished garments or new construction. Students will learn how to insert a strip of lace insertion with rounded ends into a pre-finished garment collar or cuffs. Techniques include: measuring for individual laces and lengths, preparing the rounded ends, inserting lace into fabric by machine, machine pinstitching. Students will stitch the rounded end lace insertion into a cotton or linen (please no stretchy fabrics or those with polyester!) blouse or shirt they bring to class. Garment should have a stand up collar that's cut on grain (no peter pan collars) and/or cuffs. This technique can be used on baby clothes and children's clothes, too: anywhere you want to add a unique touch to a garment. This is a three-hour class.