Silk Ribbon Roll-Up Class

Berryhill Heirlooms
Make this elegant Silk Ribbon Roll-Up to store needles and pins in the wool lining and a cake of wax in the pocket. Roll it up and tie with the silk ribbon ties adorned with glistening beaded grapes. This is truly an exquisite addition to your needlework accessories! Students will learn Single Featherstitch (with secrets of working with variegated thread), Buttonhole, Knot Stitch Edging (also known as Antwerp Stitch Edging), Outline, and Japanese Ribbon Stitch. The grapes of the roll-up motif are beaded in three sumptuous colors with silk ribbon leaves. The kit, offered in blue and a pink/mauve, contains the most beautiful threads, ribbons and glass beads and everything else to complete this gorgeous case. The handout includes detailed instructions, diagrams and photos.

This was first published in Creative Needle Magazine (Jul/Aug 2008) entitled A Stitchers Constant Companion written by Susie Gay and is provided as a class with permission by the same. It is a 6-hour class that can almost be completed in class and is suitable for the advanced stitcher. It is SAGA-approved in Embroidery and worth 2 Artisan points upon successful completion.