Springtime Jewelry Case

Berryhill Heirlooms
Beautiful blue, yellow and pink flowers adorn this linen jewelry bag and its all tied up in a two-color drawstring cord with tassels. Add a little sparkle with iridescent seed beads, a variegated beaded blue bow, a beaded Hedebo Edge Stitch around the top of the bag and it looks like Springtime. Add a two-color monogram and its over the top! The bag is a perfect gift for a bride or her bridesmaids, and small enough to tuck into a purse for traveling. Easy to embroider and even easier to construct, this is a fun, elegant project. Students will learn basic Silk Ribbon Stitches to include the Beaded Loop, 4-Loop Flowers, Beaded Bow, Japanese Ribbon and Spider Rose. Embroidery stitches include Stem or Outline, Fly Stitch, Chain, Beaded Hedebo Edge Stitch and Open Chain Stitch. A two-color cord and tassels (that will be attached to the cord) will also be made in class.