Victorian Fancy Pincushion Class

Berryhill Heirlooms
Pincushions were in every Victorian lady's sewing box and were made in fanciful designs and shapes to decorate the workbasket and impress the admirer.

This lovely silk dupioni pincushion is embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and delicate glass beads then topped with your design choice of shaded green leaves and stem. The stitches used include: Japanese Ribbon Stitch, the 4- and 8-loop Flower, Stem Stitch, and the new Pointed Rosebud Stitch created by Susie Gay.

The complete pattern also includes instructions and design for an emery. This is an all hand 3-hour class that can be completed by the end of class and is appropriate for all stitchers who have some hand embroidery experience. The class is SAGA-approved in Embroidery and worth 1 Artisan point upon successful completion.